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The Musician

Coria, performer under the name Coria RVA, is a multi-genre singer-songwriter from Richmond Virginia. He released his debut album 'Sappy Blues' and became a SESAC affiliate artist in 2014.


With major vocal, piano and studio works in commercial, underground and mainstream projects (including his independent album works) Coria has become a major impact and marketable asset to the music industry since beginning to focus on music late 2014.


With the beginning of the Kiss My Chords label & new mixtape releases such as 'Things Never Seen' by SCORIA, 2016 embraces new journeys and projects as the brand grows.

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"Judging by this single and another track titled, “Going Crazy”, I’m sure that what we’re going to get from Coria this year, is a powerful, diverse and well balanced pop/soul album. Coria RVA is everything we need in this era of sap-suckery, watered down R&B. Easily 5 stars!" -Peter Burns


“It takes a brave person to go it alone in the music industry but already it is paying off, the next stage after ‘Going Crazy’ will be his debut album, and if the debut album is anything like his first single, then Coria will be a name to be remembered” -Press


“Great song, fantastic singing and emotion” -Matrix Audio


"Superb, absolutely SUPERB!! Very approachable, helpful, friendly and professional (not to mention talented) my jingle sounds outstanding thank you so much"-anonymous


“We had a chance to have a chat with Coria, a multi-genre artist with a unique approach. His music is honest, heartfelt and spontaneous.” -More More Sound

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